Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bend and Snap

Ok so it has been slightly horrible here the last few days. Mainly self inflicted due to a few too many drinks after work. So to cheer myself up I have decided to give myself some bright and sparklie nails like Legally Blonde!

I used the Shellac Hot Pop Pink with a layer of the new Silver VIP Status. The I did an accent nail with the Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catch Up

I am obsessed with Shellac. LOVE IT. This manicure (as dodgy as it is) is what re-started me on my nails.

As I work away I get really really bored so I do my nails ALOT. I am going to TRY and be a bit more regular with my posts but here is a few of the nails that I took photos of but never got around to posting. 
 These are the Cherimoya Gradient Set. Look very cool but they come in a set of 4 colors for the gradient and as you all know we have 5 fingers! Slightly annoying trying to find a 5th color to match.

 This is the Shellac Black Pool with a normal polish striped across it. Black Pool is one of my favourite colours!

 This is the Shellac Purple Purple with purple glitter sponged onto the tips.

 This is from my pack of mini Kleancolor Retro City Polishes. Its called Metallic Orange #160 and I have a small nail sticker on it. 

 This is OPI Cajun Shrimp (Orange) and Lemonade Stand By Your Man (Yellow) again with a small decal. This one is a water transfer and it didn't settle as smooth as the stickers are.

 I cannot remember the colors for theses ones but they still look good.

 This is the Shellac Tropix

 This is Shellac Hot Chilis with a feather decal and small amount of glitter polish.

 This is the Glitter Gal Marine Blue Holo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color but I chip my nails too easily to wear this polish without the Shellac Top and Base Coats.