Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Polish Information

Hi All,

Just a quick email to let you know I have finally uploaded my polish spreadsheet.

I have saved it in a drop box file so follow the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4amkt2thmomdupq/NailMad85%20Nail%20Polish%20Listing.xlsx

I will keep updating it as I go so check it as you can.


Nail Foils Part Two

As promised this is some photos of my current selection of nail foils. Most I have bought from the same shop on eBay (Shardee Designs) but there is a few random ones. I am working on a spreadsheet of all of my polishes and including links to the swatches and I will be actually swatching these on the swatch sticks soon too so more photos to come. Friggen love these things!!!!

Challenge No 30 - Inspired by A TUTORIAL

I have wanted to do this nail for soooooo very long. On a nail night with the amazing Miss N we decided to give it a go!!! I mixed all sorts of polishes to get the colors I wanted. TOOK US FOREVER!!! But so cute. This is the tutorial I worked off of to start with and we modified it from there :)

I originally found this on Pinterest but you can see more awesome work by the designer of my tutorial here:

Challenge No 29 - Inspired by THE SUPERNATURAL

Can you tell im slightly over this challenge. Seriously didnt consider how long this would take since im using Gel Polishes. They last for a good week!!! Anyway. This is somehow related to the Supernatural. Not sure how but its going under here anyway :) Shellac Hollywood with a seriously cool foil.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Challenge No 27 - Inspired by ARTWORK

If you google search Art Deco Posters you will come up with a million and one options. They all have many of the same designs in them. This nail is just a really simple one. Gelish Tiger Blossom with Mash - 41  stamped over it in one of my Cherimoya gradient polishes. One of my favorite nail looks to date. Just simple and classy but still nice and bright!!!!

Challenge No 26 - Inspired by A PATTERN

Today I am inspired by a pattern. Seriously what pattern is better known than Paisley Print!! It comes in every single color and shape known to mankind!!! I decided to do another ombre nail underneath. This is Shellac Hollywood with Spectrum Lenore Brushed on. I then stamped over it with one of the Bundle Monster plates in Konad Silver.


New Colors!!!!


And this is some random Gelish colors I have been lusting over and finally decided to buy :)

Challenge No 25 - Inspired by FASHION

Today I have been inspired by Fashion :) I have been looking at bridesmaid dresses on Pinterest for two of my friends who are due to get married and I can across this dress. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for this challenge. The purple ombre is just soooooo pretty and very easy to translate :) This is the new Shellac Lilac Longing with a small amount of Spectrum Lenore brushed into the tacky layer. I then decided to add a bit more by stamping on the floral pattern on BM-204.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Challenge No 24 - Inspired by A BOOK

I am re-decorating my unit at the moment. More bright colors and just a revamp and clean out. One of the projects I am really looking into is my Hallway. Majorly neglected and  you walk through it ALL THE TIME. I am making mine into a gallery space and have been watching Dear Genevieve on Foxtel and she is amazing. In one of the episodes she used old Botanical Flower prints and had them framed. I AM OBSESSED WITH BOTANICAL FLOWER BOOKS!!! So naturally I decided to use one of the nail foils I have for this challenge. The design is so similar to most of the botanical drawings its not even funny!!!

The base is Shellac Hollywood and the Nail Foil as always is from the Shardee Shimmers ebay store. Its called Floral Art : http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FLORAL-ART-nail-art-foil-75cm-comes-rolled-plastic-tube-/221184727207?pt=AU_Nail_Care&hash=item337fa318a7#ht_1371wt_903
I love this pattern but unless you have a light colored base coat you can see all of the wrinkles where my nail is too curved for the foils :( Ah well still looks amazing :)

This shows the glue drying and the foil before application.

See the wrinkles. Would have been better with a light base color so hide those small imperfections.