Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eyeshadow Gradients

All I can say is wow! I am now officially obsessed with my new eyeshadow blending! I keep staring at my nails!!!!

This is the Shellac Rock Royalty with two eyeshadow colors blended on top.


 I also did the lovely Julie's Nails last night. It's our girlie catch up ;) I did the Gelish Coco Cabana Banana with yellow and orange mineral eyeshadow. Then I applied the water transfer decal in the palm tree for a proper sunset color.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Yellow and Grey

I love yellow at the moment! Can't tell you why as its not a color I have ever really been into, but I'm obsessed!!
This set is to match with my MacBook ;)

This is Shellac Asphalt and Gelish Coco Cabana Banana. I also lightly dusted the Gelish with a coat of shimmery yellow eyeshadow to make the color less Neon and more shimmery.
The Neon color just absolutely GLOWS under the UV light. Very cool.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Specially for Boydie

These nails are special for Boydie. We were emailing the other day and she asked for nails to match the Hi-Vis work shirts we have to wear. She of course forgot that my shirts are yellow. But anyway here is the Hi-Vis Orange for you :) Told ya I had the right color. 

This is the Gelish Orange Creme Dream. Once I had applied it I smudged a small amount of my new yellow eyeshadow onto the tips to lighten it a bit. Then I was looking at it and decided to add on the feather stickers. Anyway its cool and my nails arent bare so I dont feel naked for the day so all is well. Soon to come I will do the Hi-Vis of my workshirt for a comparison.

Pink Ladies

 When I sit in my camp room to paint my nails I sit there with my swatches and just look at all the pretty colors and try and choose according to my mood. HAHAHAHHA That never works. I have to close my eyes and pick a swatch :) Too many choices I cant decide.
This is the Orly Gel FX in Oh Cabana Boy. With the Shellac Strawberry Smoothie on my ring finger. After the mistake I made last time I tried to use these decals (polish too dark) I decided that even the Cabana Boy may be too much so I lightened it up even more with the Shellac.

Anyway I loved it and it made me smile all day when I looked at it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Still Going Strong

Well my love of the graduated nails is still going strong. As the rest of my new pigment colors haven't arrived yet I am still playing with the gold. So Shiny :)

I did the Black Pool Shellac with a bit of the gold eyeshadow. Then did an accent nail covered completely with the eyeshadow. Did a top coat and cured it. Then put the holographic glitter on the top coat. Did another top coat and cured. Clean off residue and done. 

This is one I did earlier in the month but didnt get around to posting. Something very cool about Purple and Gold together.

Now a quick picture of my new obsession. I have always been absolutely fascinated with Pop Art. I am really into color and texture and the way the women always looked so perfect just really appeals to me. I was looking at commissioning a friends father to do me a custom print for my house but then I found an APP for my iPhone that does all the hard work for me!!!

 I did this for Mellie to cheer her up. At least I got a laugh out of it :) Think I may end up getting it printed poster size and framed for the house. Will see :)