Friday, November 30, 2012

Merry Christmas One - Red and Green

ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!! Only 25 days to go!!!! Todays nails are Gelish Amazon Flirt and Red Roses with a Glitter Rockstar finish. One thing to make sure you do is press down your tips with your finger before you do your top coat to make sure you dont have any rough bits to catch. I also ended up doing two coats of the top coat to make sure it was nice and smooth.

New Shellac Colors!!

Well I have been waiting and waiting and I finally got the new Shellac colors!!!

I decided to do a watery shimmery color as I was due to fly home and then to BALI with my Ma. I used the Midnight Swim and then one of my Shardee Nail Shimmer foils on my accent nail.

Full Sunlight
Love the new colors. They are much more along with my taste as I go towards the darker colors. I wish shellac would make more of the glitter colors too.

Indoor Light
The nail shimmers lasted really really well on the Shellac base. It evens out the nail bed and gives them a smoother surface to adhere to but my nails really didn't like Scuba Diving. Being submerged in water for extended periods just made all of my nails peel right off. Not a huge issue as I'm lucky to be able to go diving 3 times a year :)

At the Tulumben Dive Site at approx 15m depth. Just starting to peel off :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Challenge No 8 - Metallic Nails

I was so excited for today's challenge! Ever since I realised that nail foils aren't impossibly hard to use I have become slightly obsessed. You don't even want to know how many colors and patterns I have now.
Anyway I decided to go with this shattered holo in the purple/pink and blue/teal colors. I undercoated with Shellac Tutti Fruiti on Pink nails and then Orly Its Up To Blue on the accent nails. You don't have to do this but I find that after the second day and they start wearing then its not as noticeable if you have the color underneath. 
Sooo SHINY!!

All the things I used are bought on eBay.

Normal inside light.

Full Sun.
Hope you like today's nails as much as I do. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Strawberry Fields

The amazing and lovely Miss N agreed to let me play with her nails again this week. Always love doing other peoples nails :) Well cause she is so sweet I had to give her a sweet polish!
This is Shellac Gotcha Pink and Gelish Carnival Hangover. The green is just a mixed up color that I painted on and then the seeds are small diamante. All covered with Gelish Top Coat.

Challenge No 7 - Black and White Nails

Challenge Number 7 is to do Black and White nails. I watched a tutorial on the Fingernail Fixer about a semi Rockstar nail that she filled in with the CND Additives and I thought I could do that and try and make it work with today's challenge. Well Its OK, not one of my favorite nails but I don't hate it. It was really really hard to blend the white and black and still keep them clean of each other  Normally not an issue but the black just stuck to EVERYTHING. I had to clean my top coat brush after every wipe and it was just messy. I used Shellac Creme Puff for the white and Orly Gel FX in Liquid Vinyl for the black. Black glitter, white glitter, black eyeshadow and white eyeshadow to blend in as well.

All of the things I used.

After trying to brush in and blend the eyeshadow
After dabbing in the glitter

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Challenge No 6 - Violet Nails

EDIT 9/11: In response to all the other blogs protesting about bullying I agree!!! There is absolutely no need for anyone to make someone feel bad about something as completely down to personal taste as nail polish. Guys, GROW UP!!!

Today is Challenge No 6 - Violet Nails. I really had no idea what I wanted to do for this challenge. I have quite a few nice purple polishes but none are really "Violet" so I went for an ombre/gradient look. The base color is Shellac Rock Royalty and I then pressed in a nice purple eye shadow I have in my kit. Its more of a violet and really brought out the color. I also pressed in a little sprinkle of purple glitter that you can only really see when the light hits it right. Top coat and done.

My wee selection of supplies ready to go

Challenge No 5 - Blue Nails

Today is Blue Nail Challenge Day! I have just recently gotten into stamping and am slowly getting better and better. This is one of my new favorite plates as it just really has a good selection of patterns and they are cool interesting ones.                Anyway I associate blue with water so I chose this design and as I only have two Konad colors (soon to be rectified as I went NUTS on ebay) I decided to do a nice light blue and white stamp. I used Shellac Creme Puff then pressed in this amazing light blue eyeshadow and a little bit of a peacock colored one just to make it pop. I then stamped directly onto that and did my top coat. Nice and easy and it really looked so nice.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Challenge No 4 - Green Nails

Today I decided to go for the green :)
This is Gelish Coco Cabana Banana on Gelish base coat. I then left on the tacky layer and started to play with my eyeshadow pots. This has a metallic yellow, metallic orange and an amazing peacock green all layered on the nails. In true light the green really shows up. Its all intermingled with the yellow and orange but the pictures just arent showing it.
I then used my Konad Black Special Polish to stamp on the Koi Fish design from Plate A48.
Gelish top coat and done.