Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2014 Catch Up Post Five

I am a massive fan of all things kind of spooky but not actually scary. Halloween is so much fun! You can go all out with your nails and even my work didnt comment!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

2014 Catch Up Post Four

You know how sometimes you try something you half saw on Pinterest or somewhere but you cant quite place it and it works and for the life of you there is no recollection of where you saw it but its so awesome you want to remember? Anyway some of these are that. If the sentence above was to make any sense at all which it doesnt. 


Gellie Beans Burnt Meringue with CND Gilded Gleam brushed over a piece of netting. The Additives stick right to the tacky layer so if you dont like the way it comes out simply wipe off with alcohol, apply a thin layer of either the color or top coat, cure and go again.

Shellac Moonlight and Roses with Shell Nail Foil transfer.

Gelish Tiger Blossom, Orange Creme Dream, Tru Gel Designer Carry On, Shellac Bicycle Yellow, Gelish Coco Cabana Banana all over Gel II Arctic White.

Shellac Blue Rapture with Glitter in an Ombre from darkest to lightest.

Gelish Garden Teal Party with Tru Gel Lets Celebrate.

This is LeChat Black Velvet, THE best black gel I have found! So So good. No pullback, two coats to opaque, perfect. This is a hand painted swirly design I did over the top of the matte top coat. Looks so much better in person :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2014 Catch Up Post Three

So I dont know if you have ever noticed but I LOVE red polishes and crystals and stamping and I am slowly getting better and here is more of 2014 :)

Shellac Wildfire with Ruby Ritz and Swarovski Crystals.

Shellac Wildfire with Essie Silver Stamping

Shellac Cerulean Sea with Swarovski Crystals

Shellac Overtly Onyx with Silver Stamping. MoYou London Explorer Collection Plate 3.

Shellac Tango Passion with Silver Stamping. MoYou London Pro Plate 06.

Shellac Lush Tropics with Swarovski Crystals

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Tri-Polish Challenge March 19th

I have started another challenge!!! Glutton for punishment but the amazing girls at Crumpets Nail Tarts have come up with such an amazing idea so here goes.I have to use the SAME 3 colors in 4 manicures that I will post over the course of a month. This months colors are Coral, Green and Purple and have to be posted for the 19th/21st/26th/28th March. The colors I ended up choosing are Shellac Lilac Longing for my purple, Gelish Tiger Blossom for coral and Gelish Amazon Flirt for green. I am starting with simple and effective - the tape mani :)
Hope you like it and follow what everyone else is doing!

You can follow the challenge with the links above or through their facebook page: on The Crumpets blog:

Challenge No 28 - Inspired by A FLAG

This is the one Challenge that seriously just does nothing for me. So i'm gonna link back to the blue and white variations I did as examples for a friends upcoming wedding. I will edit this page and add in the photos of her actual wedding day once it has happened :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

2014 Catch Up Post Two


So this is continuing on with 2014 nails. By now you will have noticed that I am getting into Stamping in a BIG way. So very cool and so very very pretty!!!

Shellac Serene Green stamped with Pueen plate 26

Shellac Cerulean Sea with Bundle Monster Stamping. Done as a decal transfer so I stamped it onto the stamper and then colored the triangles in and then painted a coat of clear and peeled off and applied to the tacky layer of the Shellac. Top coated and DONE. Its the only way to use opaque colors and keep those clean lines!!! Thanks Pinterest for another amazing idea!!!

This is a coat of Gellie Beans Purple Popsicle and a foil I purchased form Shardee Nail Shimmers on eBay.

Shellac Scarlett Letter with Bundle Monster Stamping

Shellac Black Pool and Hollywood with Orly Gel FX Shine.
Gellie Beans Emerald City with Messy Mansion Stamping

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Look out World!!!

So I'm back. For the last year and a bit I have been taking a break. Not from doing my nails but just from the blogging side. 

I just felt like I had nothing to say. Well I kind of still dont BUT I have plenty to show so I figured meh might as well.

Plus I Google searched something and one of MY photos was the top image so technically I'm famous so totally doing you all a favor by continuing :)

Now I have so so many photos to load so will just do a few every couple of days going from oldest to newest. Hope you all enjoy!


Shellac, Gelish and Tru Gel Polishes

Shellac Masquerade with Essie Silver Dots

Orly Gel FX Oh Cabana Boy with Stamping

Shellac Tutti Fruitti with Shellac Ice Vapour on Tips