Monday, September 14, 2015

The Tri-Polish Challenge March 19th

I have started another challenge!!! Glutton for punishment but the amazing girls at Crumpets Nail Tarts have come up with such an amazing idea so here goes.I have to use the SAME 3 colors in 4 manicures that I will post over the course of a month. This months colors are Coral, Green and Purple and have to be posted for the 19th/21st/26th/28th March. The colors I ended up choosing are Shellac Lilac Longing for my purple, Gelish Tiger Blossom for coral and Gelish Amazon Flirt for green. I am starting with simple and effective - the tape mani :)
Hope you like it and follow what everyone else is doing!

You can follow the challenge with the links above or through their facebook page: on The Crumpets blog:


  1. So cute, and the colors look so good together!

  2. Loving the colours you chose and loving the tape mani:D

  3. Wow this works so well! Those tape lines are so crisp.

  4. Hi Emma, I found that using the Gels I get a nice clean line as I pull the tape off after the second coat but before I cure it again. Dunno why but seems to help :)

  5. I've nominated you for a blog award, for all the details, go to:

    LLL xx