Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hi Guys, 
I have been lazy and haven't been posting the Nails that I have been doing :) BUT I have photos of them all so loading them now. See the final nails of the post for my new FAVOURITE effect!

I did this manicure when I got my new Nail Studs in the post. I was so very excited!

Its the Shellac and Orly Gel FX just normal but I pressed the studs into the residue before I did the top coat. They managed to last a full week before the studs started to come off.

I did these Nails for the LOVELY Nadja. Look at the cute as Keyring that she made herself! So talented.
The nails are Shellac with a small Nail Art sticker applied to each finger.

I watched a Tutorial on The Finger Nail Fixers Facebook page yesterday on how to do a gradient with the new Shellac Additives. I have had a look at them on Ebay but had yet to purchase any and the color selection isn't really my thing. So I was thinking about it and they are really just a mineral powder that is colored. I have mineral powder that's colored. EYESHADOW!!!
So I went home and painted the black base in the Orly Gel FX, I left the tacky coat on (this is what the eyeshadow sticks to) then got a small brush and my loose gold eyeshadow and applied it to the cuticle area then just feathered it down the nail. I love love love the effect!! So much so that I went crazy and bought sample sizes of 35 colors of mineral eyeshadow! Now for them to just arrive, when they do I will do a white base coat and then do a true gradient!!!

This just goes to show that you don't always need to buy the most expensive things to be able to have the same effect.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Asphalt Geisha Girl

I wanted to do something a bit cool. I found these Water Nail Transfers on Ebay but I wanted something dark for the next few days.

Anyway I went with the Shellac Asphalt. Love the color but I should have realised it was just too dark for the decals to work well. Lucky I only did my ring finger so I still have quite a few of the decals left to play with :) When you are using the water decals you really really need to make sure you have sponged off all of the water you can BEFORE you do your base coat. They tend to lift and do strange things under the Shellac Top Coat unless they are really dry.

Monday, July 16, 2012


So I was feeling rather sparklie so I decided on a nice bright polish. This is the Shellac Hollywood but with a coat of the Giltter Gal Red Holo.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red, Silver and Black

Last night I was feeling rather creative. I found this nail design on Pinterest ( and decided I would try and re-create with Gel Polish.
I used the Shellac Wildfire as the base red, the Orly Shine as the silver and the Orly Liquid Vinyl as the black. 

Surprisingly one of the easiest ones I have tried so far. Using the Gel Polish was easier as if I was unhappy with the shape I could use the CND Cleanser to tidy it up. Doing this with normal polish I would have had to take all of the polish off that finger and start again.

Liquid Vinyl

I love Shellac don't get me wrong but I am also loving the Orly Gel FX!
This is the Liquid Vinyl Black. Great coverage and easy to apply with no dramas. I did and accent nail in the Shine which is just a lovely color!

In comparison this is a friends hand that I did with the Shellac Black Pool and a Gotcha Pink accent nail. No real difference in the blacks. They both apply really well but I can fit more of the Orly colors in my Nail Polish roll ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dark Moods

I have a bit of a thing for dark colors on my nails. This is the Shellac Dark Lava. So shiny ;)