Ok so I live in a camp room for the majority of my time. Finding cool ways to organise myself and my nail supplies is hard.  I found these Nail Rolls on Ebay and they are FANTASTIC for any polishes I take home on my R&R. Next is my case I keep up on site, isn't it a thing of beauty!!! All of my foils and small polishes in holders on the top left. All my eyeshadows for gradients on the top right. All Shellac colors on second left. All Gelish and Orly colors on second right. And the very bottom for all my glitters, striping pens, brushes, etc. A WORK OF ART!! And its lockable. So when I go on R&R I am able to bring it to work and leave it under my desk in the cool office instead of locking it in the lockers that get all hot and festy. PERFECT :)

I know that all the experts say you have to use the Light that goes with your polish but I haven't had any dramas with my $60 light from Ebay. I would prefer to buy the Brand name Polish than the Brand Name Light.

As I am slightly OCD my things have to be organised a certain way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the nail swatches. It means I can see how a color dries and also see what shades look good together without having to apply then remove if its not what I wanted. It also means that I know which color is which brand. It all relates back to the spreadsheet I made for all my nail colors. I get so sick of doubling up on colors just because I forgot or lent it, the spreadsheet helps.

 I have lots and lots of creative ideas in my head. I do however struggle to make them look like I want them to in reality. I found these lots of Nail Stickers and they are great for when I cant be bothered spending alot of time but I still want fantastic nails. The collection has gone wayyyyyy beyond what I have pictured here. I have some amazing full nail cartoon style ones, spider webs, just EVERYTHING. My shopping addiction is the only thing worse than my polish addiction, and the shopping helps the nails so its a never ending circle of doooooom.

This is my Nail Stamping Plate Case. Its an absolute lifesaver!!! Its from Bundle Monster so its actually made for the right size plates. Nice thick plastic and clear so that it can be double side stacked. The zipper around the outside keeps all of them in even when you are travelling and its nice and small so its not a huge space waster.

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