Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bigger Dots Dots and More Dots

I am getting my hair done on Friday by the EXCEEDINGLY amazing Cyndi! To get myself ready I did my nails in the same color I am getting my hair done :)

I decided to do my hair with Purple roots and red tips. But I didnt feel like doing a gradient. So I saw a similar dotted mani on @heynicenails and decided to do that instead!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dots Dots and Dots

 I decided to do some happy happy nails. I think they really really qualify as happy :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Im a Laydeee

I am not what anyone would class a girlie girl. BUT I work on a minesite and sometimes its nice to be a bit girlie. What is more girlie than roses and pink! I saw this on Pinterest. Stupid Pinterest :)

This is my first go at the roses. Im kinda happy with them but will do things a little differently when I try them again next.

Growlie Teal

I am just really not that much of an animal print person. I like it. I think it looks amazing on other people but I dont think it suits me. I was on Pinterest the other day (BANE OF MY LIFE) and I saw a photo pinned from Tegan Jean ( ) and she does her animal prints with all different colors so they become more like a design than me walking around shoving my nails in everyones face and growling at them like a demented cat. So I gave them a go.

This is another new brand of gel polish I have come across (OzSale for like $8!). For that price I wasnt expecting a miracle BUT the teal is ONE COAT!!! Stuff is like magic! And it lasts really well and applies cleanly! The only thing I didnt like is that is its such a small bottle (3.7ml vs the 15ml Gelish and 7.3ml Shellac) the brush is small too. But you get used to it.
The silver is my Orly Gel FX Shine and the black is Shellac Black Pool. Just grab a dotting tool and go to town. Note for anyone doing this with Gel. Make sure you cure the color dot before you put the back around the edges.

Opallac Trial

I am normally a Gelish or Shellac girl, however, I was in Priceline awhile ago and I saw a swatch of this polish. Its a brand I havent heard of before "Opallac" and I thought I should at least give it a try! So I bought it :)
It goes on just as well as Shellac. Its opaque after two coats with absolutely no patchy or streaky bits. And it wore really really well. I should'nt be surprised but you never know with some of the new gel brands.

Happy Happy Lady Bug

This is a mani I had done when I was recently on holiday in Manila. I think its an Orly Gel FX but I was wayyy too busy relaxing to ay attention to the label. 

Anyway I was just outside with Mel and this little lady bug decided to come and say hello.

You can see our Little Green slinking over for cuddles in the corner of this one. Such a little cutie!

Red Fireworks

Im sorry but anyone who looks at my blog regularly knows that I LOVE red polish. All red. Always. LOVE.
This is Shellac Hollywood with some silver holo glitter brushed on the two fingers. I just love that the tacky coat of the gel polishes lets glitter and anything else stick without extra layers of polish!

Im Seeing Stars

I don't know if everyone is actually aware but nail polish is almost an obsessive compulsive disorder for me :) I HATE going out with bare nails but some days you just really cannot be bothered with the full arty time to paint them. I have HEAPS of water decals for just these days. Random shops on eBay sell them for ridiculously cheap prices and all you have to do is soak them. Apply. Dry and Top Coat. DONE. 

This one is Gelish The Perfect Sillhouette from the Shadows Collection. I cant even get a photo of how amazing this polish is in real life. All dark and lovely with a full purple shimmer in the right light. LOVELY.

Blue Baby BLUE

Hello Hello Hello. 

Today I decided to do some really blue and happy and bright nails as I was just feeling a bit meh.
This is Gelish Ocean Wave with an eyeshadow ombre effect. I used Spectrum Cosmetics Peacock and just applied with a brush. I then did a mix of glitters and pressed them into the ring finger. Easy. Lovely and Bright!