About Me

My name is Kate and this is a blog about myself and my obsession with Nail Polish.

I work on Construction/Mining sites in Western Australia. Most days its a great job and a fantastic lifestyle. Other days when you miss birthdays or weddings or friends having babies its not so good. I work a long (3 weeks on 1 week off) roster so I spend more of my time in a camp room than I do in my real life. So I do my nails.

I have a few other addictions besides nail polish - I am a wanna-be goth, I am lucky to have the same hair color for more than two months, I am obsessed with taking photos, I love reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books and I am mad about music.

I hope you enjoy looking at my nails and reading about me and that my suffering will eventually mean I can pay off my house (If i ever stop online shopping).

All the best,


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