Thursday, October 18, 2012

Challenge No 3 - Yellow Nails

For Challenge number three I had to do Yellow Nails. I work on a Construction Site and have to wear High Visibility shirts to work every day. They are a lovely (and exceedingly bright) yellow with blue bottom and silver high vis strips.

I used Gelish Cococabana Banana for the Yellow and Gelish Caution for the Blue. I then laid on strips of silver nail foil, dotted on buttons with Shellac Black Pool and then my usual Gelish Top Coat. Very Cool :)
The amazing flash of reflector strips on my shirt matches the nail foil well.
My Work Shirt that inspired the look.
Before i laid in the nail foil.

Sexy Leopard

One of the girls at work here was feeling a bit down so in an effort to cheer her up I did her nails. I figured since she was sad I would do a nice sexy one. This is leopard nail foil over Shellac Black Pool. Top and base coat is Gelish.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Challenge No 2 - Orange Nails

Before applying foils.

Today I did the second Challenge out of the 31 - Orange Nails.
The base color is Gelish Orange Creme which is from the Candyland collection. I then used my glue pen to draw squiggly fire type lines up the nail and did the red foil. Repeated with orange foil and then smaller ones in gold foil. A very easy one just quite time consuming as you really do have to wait until the glue has dried properly or it just wont work.

The Gelish and foils I used.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Challenge No 1 - Red Nails

I started my 31 Nail Challenge today. The first challenge being to do a nail with Red.

I really like these nails. I hadn't planned on doing the silver tips I was just going to do the swirls but I re-dyed my hair this LOVELY purple and every time I scratch my head or touch my hair is stains my nails and fingers. The Gelish Red Roses is nice and opaque but not enough to cover the really purple stains on my tips :)

The two colors I used are the Gelish Red Roses and Orly Gel FX in Shine. Two coats and then I painted on the swirls with a striping brush. Not bad for my first go. Its hard to get the same color consistency through the silver as its more a glitter polish than an opaque color.

My Purple Purple Hair

Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Day Challenge START

Ok so I am a fangirl for quite a few sites and people. Three of the nail blogs that I regularly check out have decided to take on a 31 day challenge.

Wow. They are only on day one and I am already jealous of their skills and imagination!

Soooo I have decided to kind of mirror them but not a 31 day challenge as I normally use Shellac or Gelish and my nails would have a spac and die if I painted and removed the polish every day. I am thinking of it more as a 31 Nail Challenge :)

I may not do them in order as some days I really have time and am feeling creative so I want to use that and do the really cool ideas on those days but I will post as I go.

Also there may be other posts through as I still (yes STILL) have new polishes arriving that I might need to play with :)


Just in case you want to follow how the PROFESSIONALS do it the girls blogs are:

I for one will be following closely trying to get any tips and tricks I can :)


Kleancolor Metallic Purple

I recently bought a lot of 24 new Kleancolor polishes. These are just 3 of the ones I got to choose.

I did all the nails in the Metallic Purple and then did two coats of the Holo Chrome on the accent nail. I loved the color and the glitter was really bright and shiny. I then did a layer of the Top Coat. DISASTER!! It took all the metallic suede shine I was just in love with and killed it. On top of that it made the color way darker and covered all the glitter as it bled all through the brush even though it was dry. Not Impressed. I almost want to paint them again so I can get a before and after shot to show how much of a difference it made! The color is still nice but its not as nice as it was. 

Has anyone had the same problem????

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fantasia Nail Foil

I have recently gone absolutely nuts and bought everything I could possibly ever need for my nails. To the point where I filled up my carrier and my friends were looking into suspending my Ebay account. One of the cooler things I have decided to try more of is the Nail Foils.  

Arent they just the coolest!!! I did two coats of the Shellac Purple Purple and then cleaned off the tacky layer, painted with the glue and then did the foil and a layer of Gelish top coat.

This is them after the second day. Starting to wear off on the edges and around my cuticles where I didn't push down properly or seal properly with the top coat. 

And this is with the flash so you can see the full strips of holographic in there.

All in all I think money well spent. I bought mine from a shop on Ebay called Shardee Designs this color of foil is called Fantasia.

Mood Polish

LeChat have recently bought out a range of color change nail polishes. I WAS SO FRIGGEN EXCITED. Not only are they color change but they are GEL!!! Happy Kate is Happy :)

This is the Frozen Cold Spell. Two Coats with Gelish top and base coat. I had such a hard time trying to show the full color change and realistically I have totally bought these in the wrong season. Its currently in the mid to late 30's here and I had to play with ice cubes to make it change colors. Winter when my fingers are warm but the actual temperature is cold and these will be stunning!!!

Ignore my accent finger. I tried to put on a semi sheer snakeskin foil and it just really didnt work. It was fine until I put on the top coat, that it leeched out all the colors and just made it dark unless you look really closely.