Sunday, January 27, 2013

Challenge No 17 - Glitter

Today we are up to Challenge No 17 :)
I decided I wanted a simple design. Some glitter nails are just whacked out and I'm not really in a whacked out Sparklie mood at the moment.

This is Gelish Midnight Caller with a strip of Silver Glitter pushed into it and then Konad Black Stamping Polish stamped with Plate BM - 206. I really really like this pattern and it fits well with the black and glitter.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Challenge No 16 - Tribal Nails

Today I am finally carrying on with my 31 Challenges. Up to day number 16 finally!!! I am not really a tribal pattern kind of girl. I actually really like these nails. I had been watching a tutorial video The Finger Nail Fixer had on her facebook page and she details the carving technique. The only change is that she used a small striping brush and I used by dotting tool. 
All you do is paint your bottom color (Shellac Ruby Ritz and Tinsel Toast), cure, paint a coat of the top color, you really need to make sure its a color you can get good coverage with in one coat, Then take your tool and scrape off the bits you want to see. Cure, Topcoat and done :)

Close up of the individual designs.

Merry Christmas Three - Rudolph Nails

All of the stuff I used

I know, wayyyy past Christmas but I completely forgot to post these!!! And you need to totally ignore the state of my cuticles. I pick them when I am stressing and Christmas seems to always stress me :)

I did my pointer finger with Crazy eyes :)

Monday, January 7, 2013


Well im still alive. I had almost three weeks off work over Christmas and set myself a HUGE list of house renovations I wanted to do. Well that didn't happen. I almost finished ONE thing off the list!!! But it is my Kitchen so it was one of the biggest things on the list to do so I guess its ok :)

Im now back and work and dying slowly. Its so stinking hot here, around 45 degrees at the moment and even with all of the aircons in my office going flat out the coolest I can get my wee desk is 29!!! And to make matters worse I completely forgot to bring my WHOLE nail kit!!! So I dont have a single nail polish up here to keep me occupied!!!!

I will be back around the 17th with some nails!!!