Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hi Guys, 
I have been lazy and haven't been posting the Nails that I have been doing :) BUT I have photos of them all so loading them now. See the final nails of the post for my new FAVOURITE effect!

I did this manicure when I got my new Nail Studs in the post. I was so very excited!

Its the Shellac and Orly Gel FX just normal but I pressed the studs into the residue before I did the top coat. They managed to last a full week before the studs started to come off.

I did these Nails for the LOVELY Nadja. Look at the cute as Keyring that she made herself! So talented.
The nails are Shellac with a small Nail Art sticker applied to each finger.

I watched a Tutorial on The Finger Nail Fixers Facebook page yesterday on how to do a gradient with the new Shellac Additives. I have had a look at them on Ebay but had yet to purchase any and the color selection isn't really my thing. So I was thinking about it and they are really just a mineral powder that is colored. I have mineral powder that's colored. EYESHADOW!!!
So I went home and painted the black base in the Orly Gel FX, I left the tacky coat on (this is what the eyeshadow sticks to) then got a small brush and my loose gold eyeshadow and applied it to the cuticle area then just feathered it down the nail. I love love love the effect!! So much so that I went crazy and bought sample sizes of 35 colors of mineral eyeshadow! Now for them to just arrive, when they do I will do a white base coat and then do a true gradient!!!

This just goes to show that you don't always need to buy the most expensive things to be able to have the same effect.

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