Monday, August 13, 2012

Still Going Strong

Well my love of the graduated nails is still going strong. As the rest of my new pigment colors haven't arrived yet I am still playing with the gold. So Shiny :)

I did the Black Pool Shellac with a bit of the gold eyeshadow. Then did an accent nail covered completely with the eyeshadow. Did a top coat and cured it. Then put the holographic glitter on the top coat. Did another top coat and cured. Clean off residue and done. 

This is one I did earlier in the month but didnt get around to posting. Something very cool about Purple and Gold together.

Now a quick picture of my new obsession. I have always been absolutely fascinated with Pop Art. I am really into color and texture and the way the women always looked so perfect just really appeals to me. I was looking at commissioning a friends father to do me a custom print for my house but then I found an APP for my iPhone that does all the hard work for me!!!

 I did this for Mellie to cheer her up. At least I got a laugh out of it :) Think I may end up getting it printed poster size and framed for the house. Will see :)

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