Friday, November 30, 2012

New Shellac Colors!!

Well I have been waiting and waiting and I finally got the new Shellac colors!!!

I decided to do a watery shimmery color as I was due to fly home and then to BALI with my Ma. I used the Midnight Swim and then one of my Shardee Nail Shimmer foils on my accent nail.

Full Sunlight
Love the new colors. They are much more along with my taste as I go towards the darker colors. I wish shellac would make more of the glitter colors too.

Indoor Light
The nail shimmers lasted really really well on the Shellac base. It evens out the nail bed and gives them a smoother surface to adhere to but my nails really didn't like Scuba Diving. Being submerged in water for extended periods just made all of my nails peel right off. Not a huge issue as I'm lucky to be able to go diving 3 times a year :)

At the Tulumben Dive Site at approx 15m depth. Just starting to peel off :)

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