Monday, September 9, 2013

Growlie Teal

I am just really not that much of an animal print person. I like it. I think it looks amazing on other people but I dont think it suits me. I was on Pinterest the other day (BANE OF MY LIFE) and I saw a photo pinned from Tegan Jean ( ) and she does her animal prints with all different colors so they become more like a design than me walking around shoving my nails in everyones face and growling at them like a demented cat. So I gave them a go.

This is another new brand of gel polish I have come across (OzSale for like $8!). For that price I wasnt expecting a miracle BUT the teal is ONE COAT!!! Stuff is like magic! And it lasts really well and applies cleanly! The only thing I didnt like is that is its such a small bottle (3.7ml vs the 15ml Gelish and 7.3ml Shellac) the brush is small too. But you get used to it.
The silver is my Orly Gel FX Shine and the black is Shellac Black Pool. Just grab a dotting tool and go to town. Note for anyone doing this with Gel. Make sure you cure the color dot before you put the back around the edges.

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