Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Challenge 11 - Polka Dots

I was really not looking forward to this challenge. I absolutely love polka dots but am usually terrible at them! First with this I painted the nails with Gelish Red Roses then top coated to make sure the red didn't leech into the white. Then I "tried" to stamp them with one the random stamping plates I have. Well that didn't work! Smudged all the hell and just would not stick properly. Think it may have been the Gelish Top Coat but could have been me being a spaz. SO then I had to do the dots all by hand with a dotting tool. I honestly cannot work out why I have had so many issues with polka dots in the past. It was easy as!!!! The dots are in the White Konad Special Polish as it has the best pigments and dries nicely. Another top coat and a wee diamante just cause I can and done!

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