Saturday, December 15, 2012

Challenge No 15 - Delicate Nails

How amazing is this pattern!!!
I bought this nail foil WEEKS and WEEKS ago! But knowing I was doing this challenge I have waited to use it as it is exactly what I think of then I think of Delicate Nails. As normal I started with the Gelish Base then I did two layers of Orly Gel FX in Shine as some parts of the foil are not completely opaque and having the shimmering silver show through was nice. I found this foil really really hard to apply. Getting it perfect and no wrinkles was just impossible. Looking at my nails normally you cant see any imperfections but as you look closer there are small wrinkles and its not like a normal foil where you can just go over it as the pattern wont match and it shows through. Well worth the extra care though. They look even better in person!

Before applying the foil.
Looking closer you can notice the imperfections more.


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