Friday, February 15, 2013

Swatches Part One

These are the swatches I have done so I could see how the CND Additives and the eye shadows cover over white/black polish and the colors once cured. Some are seriously Opaque over even black and some are more of a shimmer to put over a flat polish base. I find that using the additives gives me the best gradient with a gel polish as the gel is self leveling and doesn't sponge well I use these instead. These swatches are just the beginning, I have around 20 more colors to swatch and will add them as I do them.


  1. What is the purpose of the CND Additives? I am so new to gel polish,and find it fascinating that you mix your eyeshadows to make new colors,am I correct? I have alot of unused pigments I would like to turn into polish.

    1. I have uploaded the rest of the swatches now If you would like to see more of the colors. If you go to the page for the swatches I have also included links to where I purchased them.


  2. Hey :)
    Its not so much making a new polish as kind of layering to change it a bit. When you paint your nails with the Gel and then cure you leave the tacky layer on and with a brush (I use an old eyeshadow brush) you pick up some of the pigment and then just brush it on as you like. You can do the whole nail or just parts of it to highlight areas, or you can use it for easy gradients. The Fingernail Fixer (ABSOLUTE LEGEND) has a video tutorial here:
    But she also has alot of other tutorials on her facebook page here:

    Hope that helps. I finished swatching the rest of the ones I have and will be loading today hopefully so keep an eye out :)