Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Swatches Part Two

I have been busy busy busy making up my wee reference swatches. I painted them all half black and half white then did the additives/stamping over that so I can see which ones are completely opaque and which arent. Should mean I dont get so many surprises when I'm doing my nails :)

All my stamping polishes.

These are a Gel Polish I bought on ebay. You paint the base color, then the top color and then use the gel they provide and dot it over the top. It then spreads out and give this snake skin like look. Pretty cool I reckon :)

This is all of the additives I have in my kit. CND are the proper additives but I also use some mineral eyeshadows I bought on Etsy. Spectrum and Smash being the two shops I bought from.

Pretty cool hey :)

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