Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mood Polish

LeChat have recently bought out a range of color change nail polishes. I WAS SO FRIGGEN EXCITED. Not only are they color change but they are GEL!!! Happy Kate is Happy :)

This is the Frozen Cold Spell. Two Coats with Gelish top and base coat. I had such a hard time trying to show the full color change and realistically I have totally bought these in the wrong season. Its currently in the mid to late 30's here and I had to play with ice cubes to make it change colors. Winter when my fingers are warm but the actual temperature is cold and these will be stunning!!!

Ignore my accent finger. I tried to put on a semi sheer snakeskin foil and it just really didnt work. It was fine until I put on the top coat, that it leeched out all the colors and just made it dark unless you look really closely.

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