Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fantasia Nail Foil

I have recently gone absolutely nuts and bought everything I could possibly ever need for my nails. To the point where I filled up my carrier and my friends were looking into suspending my Ebay account. One of the cooler things I have decided to try more of is the Nail Foils.  

Arent they just the coolest!!! I did two coats of the Shellac Purple Purple and then cleaned off the tacky layer, painted with the glue and then did the foil and a layer of Gelish top coat.

This is them after the second day. Starting to wear off on the edges and around my cuticles where I didn't push down properly or seal properly with the top coat. 

And this is with the flash so you can see the full strips of holographic in there.

All in all I think money well spent. I bought mine from a shop on Ebay called Shardee Designs this color of foil is called Fantasia.

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