Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Day Challenge START

Ok so I am a fangirl for quite a few sites and people. Three of the nail blogs that I regularly check out have decided to take on a 31 day challenge.

Wow. They are only on day one and I am already jealous of their skills and imagination!

Soooo I have decided to kind of mirror them but not a 31 day challenge as I normally use Shellac or Gelish and my nails would have a spac and die if I painted and removed the polish every day. I am thinking of it more as a 31 Nail Challenge :)

I may not do them in order as some days I really have time and am feeling creative so I want to use that and do the really cool ideas on those days but I will post as I go.

Also there may be other posts through as I still (yes STILL) have new polishes arriving that I might need to play with :)


Just in case you want to follow how the PROFESSIONALS do it the girls blogs are:

I for one will be following closely trying to get any tips and tricks I can :)


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