Friday, October 12, 2012

Challenge No 1 - Red Nails

I started my 31 Nail Challenge today. The first challenge being to do a nail with Red.

I really like these nails. I hadn't planned on doing the silver tips I was just going to do the swirls but I re-dyed my hair this LOVELY purple and every time I scratch my head or touch my hair is stains my nails and fingers. The Gelish Red Roses is nice and opaque but not enough to cover the really purple stains on my tips :)

The two colors I used are the Gelish Red Roses and Orly Gel FX in Shine. Two coats and then I painted on the swirls with a striping brush. Not bad for my first go. Its hard to get the same color consistency through the silver as its more a glitter polish than an opaque color.

My Purple Purple Hair

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